Subutai Ahmad: software technologist, entrepreneur

Hello, and welcome to my web site! I am a software technologist living in Palo Alto with my wife, three kids, and a dog. I am currently VP Research at Numenta.

My professional interests are in the areas of Machine Learning, Neuroscience, computer vision, video, and speed optimization. I am passionate about startups and productizing cool technology. Although I've been somewhat successful at this, I've learned that this is all much tougher than it sounds. Particularly when you insist on "cool technology"!

Education: I discovered my passion for computers early on. I taught myself programming when I was 11. I attended Cornell University, graduating with a degree in Computer Science. I later went on to get a Masters and PhD, specializing in machine learning and computational neuroscience, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I became fascinated by the brain and reverse engineering its code. I couldn't imagine a more complex or fascinating program to write.

Publications: Early in my career I published a lot in Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, and Computational Neuroscience. Then there was a gap while I worked at various startups. More recently I have started publishing again, primarily on HTMs. This link contains a list of my publications.

Misc:Here's more detailed information about my past companies. I try to have an active Twitter page and I usually respond to queries promptly there. I also post occasionally on Facebook and you can subscribe to me there. You can also look me up on LinkedIn.

Page credit goes to Naz Hamid for the original design (available here on github), and Tim Lum for this variation.