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Me2Cam(tm) Computer  Video Camera and Fun Fair (tm) CD-ROM

Kids have always wanted to see themselves play inside a computer game, and now they can with the Me2Cam™ Computer Video Camera and Fun Fair™ CD-ROM!
The Me2Cam™ and Fun Fair™ CD-ROM is a revolutionary new system of play that lets kids go inside the computer game and interact with a virtual world. No mouse is needed since kids will use their bodies to make things happen inside the games.
With the Fun Fair™ CD-ROM, kids will be able to race down a wacky mountain as they go Snow Surfin', play exciting body pinball, have a blast popping bubbles in Bubble Mania™, get groovy with the band in Club Tune™ and have fun morphing in the Fun Zone™!
It's a whole new way to play where kids are the stars!
  • A whole new fun and interactive system of play!
  • The child is INSIDE a virtual world!
  • Kids' bodies control the action in the game.
  • Five areas of play.
  • Print images of the child in action as s/he plays the game!
  • Great multi-level game play–easy to learn, hard to master.
  • Learning-rich fun!
  • Planned availability December 1999
Me2Cam™ Computer Video Camera and Fun Fair™ CD-ROM minimum system requirements:
  • Windows® 98
  • Intel® Pentium® or Celeron™ Processor, 233MHz or faster (or equivalent)
  • USB port enabled
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • Minimum 65MB free hard disk space
  • Video and sound devices that are compatible with Microsoft® DirectX® 6.1
  • 8x or higher CD-ROM drive
  • 640x480 display, 16-bit color
  • 16-bit Windows® compatible sound device
  • Standard mouse and keyboard

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